Our scholarship pageant needs your help! Have you thought about helping but don’t know how? The entire Miss Asian North America Organization is comprised of volunteers. The more individuals who volunteer, the more fun everybody can have and to meet more people!

Let us know what you are interested in doing and whether you are interested in working on the Teen or Miss pageant. We will respond to let you know where the help is needed and will welcome you as a Miss Asian pageant volunteer. Here are just some committees that we are looking for!

  • Board Member: The Board is the core group of volunteers that conducts the business of the Scholarship Program. Under the leadership of the Executive Director, the Board recruits contestants, produces the pageant show, solicits scholarships and obtains gifts and prizes for the contestants and winners.
  • Publicity: This committee is responsible for the contact with the local press, television and radio and writes press releases to promote the program, related events and the activities of the Titleholder.
  • Magazine Committee: This committee prepares the magazine book for the pageant and any other books or magazines used throughout the year. Members of this committee should have knowledge about writing, design and computer programs to put together the entire magazine!
  • Judges Host:The judges’ host obtains the judges for the pageant and stays with them throughout the competition. They also obtains meals and provide services to the judges throughout the pageant.
  • Scholarships: This committee solicits donations to the scholarship fund and contacts colleges and universities to obtain in-kind tuition grants for the contestants and winners.
  • Contestant Recruitment:This committee contacts and invites young Asian American women to participate in the competition. This is a year round effort to attract contestants to the program.
  • Production: This group produces the pageant and includes a number of backstage opportunities as well as script writing, choreography and building sets.
  • Chaperones: This group of women assists the contestants during the competition.
  • Events: This committee solicits finds donated spaces for the contestants to hold pre pageant events, rehearsal, media events, volunteer/fundraising events, all year round.

The Miss Asian North America Organization is built upon the countless volunteers that dedicate their time and talents to this program.

There are no salaried positions and every dime that is spent is raised though the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

If you would like to become a Volunteer, please email us at info@missasiannorthamerica.org